A lot of planning has already been taking place to make the 2024 Camp Card sale great!  Cards are now available for distribution.

To our new parents:  you may be asking 'What is a Camp Card?'  The Camp Card is a discount card for local businesses in your area.  The Flint River Council produced 5 different Camp Cards to cover all the counties we serve.  The Camp Card is designed to help Scouts earn their way to camp.  Camp Cards sell for only $5 each and Scouts get 50% commission.  

Scouts have the opportunity to earn some great prizes listed below.  If a Scout earns one of the prizes below, the Scout also gets the $2.50 commission from each card he/she sold.  That's just AMAZING!

NOTE:  Prizes are not cumulative and sales may not be combined to earn prizes.
Scholarships are not transferable and have no cash value.
Camp prizes may only be redeemed at a Scout Camp owned and operated by the Flint River Council.  
All camping prizes must be redeemed by December 31, 2024 and may not be carried over to the next year.
There are no partial scholarships and no substitutions.
Scholarships and prizes do not include additional fees associated with camp.


50% of all sales go back to the unit to help your scout(s) go to camp! 

Cub Scout Reward:
115 cards sold= FREE Cub Scout Day Camp & keep the 50% profit!

Scouts BSA/Explorer/Sea Scout Reward
250 cards sold= FREE Camp Thunder Summer Camp & keep the 50% profit!
225 cards sold= FREE Winter Camp (Polaris) & keep the 50% profit!


500 cards sold = $250 gift card & keep the 50% profit!
750 cards sold = $350 gift card & keep the 50% profit!
1000 cards sold = $500 gift card & keep the 50% profit!

Turn-in deadline is Friday April 26th. 




Camp Card Transfer Form
(to be used to transfer cards from one unit to another unit)
Camp Card Tracking Form

2024 Prize Form