Backcountry Activities

The Pine Mountain Backcountry offers over 2,000 acres of fun!

Hiking: 21-Miles of trails wind through the backcountry to attractive spots like Moss Falls, Muddy Slash Ridge, Dripping Rock, Double Branches, and more!  Take a scenic nature hike or get your blood pumping in preparation for a high adventure trek.

Backpacking: Pack it in, Pack it out!  Utilize one of our backcounty campsites to make your weekend in the Pine Mountain Backcountry.

Mountain Biking: Our trails aren't just for hiking!  Bring your bikes and ride the same trails as the annual Thunderbolt Classic (part of the Georgia Mountain Biking Championships in 2010).

Geocaching & Orienteering: Get lost!  Learn to navigate using compass, map, or GPS.