Camp Bel-Tel

Camp Bel-Tel

Located in south Fulton County, Georgia (just outside the towns of Palmetto and Fairburn, 8 miles from the Atlanta airport), Camp Bel-Tel is a 120-acre primitive camp.  The camp includes a large lake for fishing and boating, camping areas, nature trails, waterfall, and lots of natural wooded space!  Camp Bel-Tel is open to units and groups for overnight primitive camping, daytime activities, and special events.  Camp Bel-Tel is managed by the Lawhorn Scouting Base and all registration is handled by the base's business and reservations office.  See photos of Camp Bel-Tel here.


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 Scout unit camping and activities are free at Camp Bel-Tel!   For more information on Camp Bel-Tel, contact the Camping Department at 770-227-4556 or