Cub Adventure Camp 2021

Cub Adventure Camp 2021
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Cub Adventure Camp


Camp Thunder


July 14 – 17, 2021








Travel back in time to early American history!  You never know who you might find leading your classes.  It could be Honest Abe, George Washington, Pocahontas, Susan B. Anthony, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Sacajawea and more!  Learn from those that were there experiencing the adventure of establishing the United States of America. Join Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty at their secret lunch time planning sessions.  Enjoy hiking and nature lessons with Sacajawea as she shares her knowledge of the Pine Mountain Back Country and Lawhorn Scouting Base.  Live American History in the making!


 Younger Cub Scouts Program (Lions, Tigers, Wolves & Bears)

Younger Cub Scouts will have a great opportunity to come out to Camp Thunder and experience a summer camp designed just for them! These younger scouts will work on beltloops, go on nature hikes, participate in fun crafts, and learn age-appropriate scout skills. Cub Scouts will also swim in Lake Ini-To and shoot BB guns & archery!



Webelos I (rising 4th graders) have a great opportunity to come out to Camp Thunder and experience a summer camp designed just for them! 
These Scouts just starting out in Webelos will get a great jump start by working on several Webelos Belt Loops like Aquanaut, Forester, Geologist, Naturalist, Outdoorsman and First Responder. 

Cub Scouts will also swim in Lake Ini-To, shoot BB guns & archery, and work on some basic Scout skills.





AOL Program


The program for your Webelos II Scouts (rising 5th graders) is designed to give them a true taste of the fun that awaits them in Boy Scouts!  Webelos II Scouts will have exciting activities and adventures each day of camp which include climbing, aquatics, shooting sports and more advanced Scout skills.

Show these young men the adventure that awaits!  Getting your Webelos II Scouts excited about their future will help to increase the number of your Webelos that cross over into a Scouts BSA unit and is an excellent way to kick off their Webelos II year.


Check-in starts at 9:00 am on July 14, 2021.

Check-out will be at noon on  July 17, 2021.


All of this adventure for only $125 per Scout and $50 per leader/parent


Note: Each participant (Webelos & Adults) must have a completed BSA Health & Medical Form, Parts A, B & C to turn in upon arrival.  

Part C requires an examination by a physician using the BSA form.


For more information contact the Camping Department at 770-227-4556 or Andrea.Strawn@Scouting.Org.


$55.00 per Adult
$125.00 per Cub Scout
Early Discount
Before 6/7/2021 a discount of $15.00 will apply to all Cub Scout Registrants.