Scouts BSA Summer Camp FAQ

♦ Q: What if I cannot get a new Part C, pre-placement exam because my healthcare provider is not taking well care exams now? 

As of 5/11/2020, BSA Accredited Council Camps and High Adventure Bases have been supplied a way to accept an extension of validity of the pre-participation exam (Part C) of the AHMR. This option does not apply to any unit activity or programmatic requirements such as for SCUBA.
Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. If you are in this group, please ensure you have approval from your health care provider prior to attending camp.

We also encourage anyone whose medical condition or history has changed significantly since their last physical exam to get approval from their health care provider prior to attending camp.

Camp Thunder will accept medical forms completed after February 1, 2019 for the summer camp season. We will allow a six month extension on the BSA Medical Form.

♦ Q: If my summer camp is cancelled, can my unit get together with other units and have our own camp?

No. Chartering organizations play an important role in the program and activities for their chartered units. Chartering organizations promote well-planned unit program for the units they charter and encourage their units to have active outdoor unit programs. Chartering organization are not authorized to plan, promote, and deliver programs for units outside of their charter.

It is the role of the council to plan summer camps and the role of councils or districts to plan camporees and other outings during the year that give youth an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in competitive events with other troops and/or patrols.

When units with different chartered organizations do activities together, this becomes a district or council event and requires council approval. In fact, some states require such activities to be licensed.

Should your troop, crew or ship decide to do a long-term summer camping program for their own unit (Cub Scouts units are prohibited from this activity) please note that the Scouter Code of Conduct and relevant program safety and training requirements are still in place, e.g., Safe Swim Defense, Hazardous Weather, Wilderness First Aid, etc.

♦ Q: What is BSA’s policy on social distancing in a tenting environment when camping?

Camping should only take place in accordance with guidelines outlined by your state and local health department and other local officials, as well as under the direction of your local BSA council and chartered organization. There is no formal national policy on social distancing in tents, just as there is no prohibition on tenting alone if logistics can accommodate that request. As always, all BSA youth protection policies must be followed.

♦ Q: Will swim checks be offered at camp?

Yes. Swim checks will be offered at Camp Thunder this summer.

♦ Q: Will we be screened during camp?

Yes. All participants will be required to take their temperature at camp each day. We are actively working with experts in the medical field and our local Health Department to create our camp screening policies. We will continue to keep all of our participants updated. Each unit will receive a Covid-19 guide prior to arriving at camp. This will contain all of our policies and procedures.

♦ Q: Are any programs cancelled at Camp Thunder?

No. At this time, no programs have been cancelled at Camp Thunder.

♦ Q: Have any weeks been cancelled?

Yes. Weeks 1 & 2 have been cancelled. As of 05/19/2020, we have availability in the following weeks:

Week 3: June 21 – June 27, 2020

Week 4: June 28 - July 4, 2020

Week 5: July 5 – July 11, 2020

Please call Caper Steen at (470) 481-1057 to register your unit.

♦ Q: Will class sizes be smaller?

Yes. Classes are capped so that we can safely social distance scouts.

♦ Q: Will public areas be open?

The Gaga pit will be closed. Troops will be allowed to schedule time in the Gaga Pit throughout the week for scouts to play with their unit.

The dining hall and the trading post will be open. The trading post will only allow 8 people inside at a time. Troops will be given private time throughout the week to allow for adequate time in the trading post. We are also opening a concession stand outside of the trading post for snack/food purchases.

The dining hall will have at least two sessions for each meal. Units will be social distancing inside the dining hall. We are working out our dining hall plans. Participants will receive dining hall operations before arriving at camp.

♦ Q: Will we have campfire?

Yes. We will have multiple campfires throughout the week. Units will receive a date and time for which campfire to attend