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Scouting at Home

Are your Scouts at home?  

Scouting can take place anywhere – even in the comfort of your home!

Here you will find a resource hub for parents and leaders to help support Scouting at home, with stay-at-home educational activities for any Scout rank, tips for continuing to work on advancements and kid-friendly content that connects Scouting with their daily lives. We will continue to add new content and resources to this hub regularly.

Our goal is to make it easier to deliver the Scouting program by making plans more accessible to Leaders and those who can help Leaders like our parents.

As always- be sure to check with your Den Leader to see what your scout can be working on.

Cub Scout Activities

Lions (Kindergarten)

Animal Kingdom

Lions learn about the community.

Required Adventure

Build it Up, Knock it Down

Lions learn about building.

Elective Adventure

Gizmos and Gadgets

Lions learn about motion and force.

Elective Adventure

I'll Do it Myself

Lions learn about being prepared.

Elective Adventure

Pick My Path

Lions learn about doing a good turn daily. 

Elective Adventure

Ready, Set, Grow

Lions learn about plants.

Elective Adventure


Tigers (First Grade)

                 Backyard Jungle                

Tigers learn about planting and building.

Required Adventure

My Family's Duty to God

Tigers learn about their family's faith. 

Required Adventure

Tiger Bites

Tigers learn about food preparation and nutrition.

Required Adventure

Family Stories

Tigers learn about their family's heritage.

Elective Adventure

Sky is the Limit

Tigers learn about the night sky.

Elective Adventure

Stories in Shapes

Tigers learn about art. 

Elective Adventure

Tiger-Safe and Smart

Tigers learn about home and neighborhood safety.

Elective Adventure

Tiger Tales

Tigers learn about story telling and songs.

Elective Adventure
















Wolves (Second Grade)

              Paws on the Path          

Wolves learn hiking skills, maps and about nature.

Required Adventure 

Adventures  in Coins

Wolves learn about coins.

Elective Adventure

Code of the Wolf

Wolves use math in activities and make secret codes. 

Elective Adventure

Digging in the Past

Wolves learn about archeology.

Elective Adventure

Finding Your Way

Wolves learn about maps and how to use a compass. 

Elective Adventure

Germs Alive

Wolves learn about cleanliness and germs.

Elective Adventure

Grow Something

Wolves learn about planting.

Elective Adventure

Motor Away

Wolves learn about means of transportation.

Elective Adventure

Paws of Skill

Wolves learn about fitness and sports.

Elective Adventure


Bears (Third Grade)

BALOO the Builder

Bears learn about tools.

Required Adventure

Bear Claws

Bears learn about knife safety.

Required Adventure

Fellowship and Duty to God

Bears learn about their family's faith.

Required Adventure

Bear Picnic Basket

Bears learn about cooking.

Elective Adventure

Make It Move

Bears learn about engineering.

Elective Adventure

Roaring Laughter

Bears learn stories, jokes and games.

Elective Adventure


Bears learn about robots.

Elective Adventure

Super Science

Bears learn about science experiments. 

Elective Adventure

A World of Sound

Bears learn about world music.

Elective Adventure

Paws For Action

Bears learn about history and patriotism. 

Required Adventure



Webelos & Arrow of Light (Fourth and Fifth Grade)

Duty to God and You

Webelos & AOLs learn about their family's faith.

 Required Adventure  

First Responder

Webelos & AOLs will learn basic first aid.

Required Adventure

Adventures in Science

Webelos & AOLs learn about science.

Required Adventure

Art Explosion

Webelos & AOLs learn about art.

Elective Adventure

Aware and Care

Webelos & AOLs learn about disabilities awareness.

Elective Adventure

Build My Own Hero

Webelos and AOLs learn about citizen heroes.

Elective Adventures


Webelos & AOLs learn about engineering.

Elective Adventures

Fix It

Webelos & AOLs learn about home repairs.

Elective Adventures

Game Design

Webelos & AOLs learn about games.

Elective Adventures

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Webelos & AOLs learn about their own timelines.

Elective Adventure


Webelos & AOLs learn about music.

Elective Adventure




 30 Day Lions Challenge

  30 Day Tigers Challenge

30 Day Wolf Challenge

30 Day Bear Challenge

 30 Day Webelow Challenge


Scouts BSA Activities

  • Conduct virtual Patrol Leaders Council meetings via teleconference or web video conferencing. Ensure to maintain two-deep leadership throughout the virtual meeting. 

  • Encourage Patrol Leaders to communicate digitally with their patrol members.

  • Conduct online merit badge counselor meetings using web video conferencing tools such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, FreeConference or Facebook. Ensure to maintain two-deep leadership throughout the virtual meeting. Note completing a worksheet and emailing it does not constitute a “virtual discussion”, rather use interactive video or phone conversations.

  • Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) | April 3-5, 2020 


Merit Badges that can be completed at home include:

Other Activities: 

  • Plan and cook a meal for your family.

  • Encourage Scouts to post online stories from history and how humanity was able to overcome such difficulties and give people hope. 

  • Hold a virtual gaming meet. Or use Kahoot to host an online quiz.

  • Encourage Scouts to communicate with Scouts around the world. Learn about the World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM). Introduce JOTA/JOTI.

  • Coordinate a community-based support network. Work with your Chartered Organization to develop a plan. Offer your unit assistance in helping the needy.

  • Post examples of how Scouts are helping the community on social media. Make sure to tag us in your post using #FRCScouts 

  • Hold Scoutmaster Conference using web video conferencing. Ensure to maintain two-deep leadership throughout the virtual meeting. If needed, conduct Eagle Boards of Review via videoconferencing.

Units can administer BORs all the way up to Life rank but should follow the guidance in The Guide to Advancement Section Boards of Review Through Videoconferencing.

District Advancement Chairs will provide directions on Eagle BORs. Ensure maintenance of two-deep leadership throughout the virtual meeting.


The Staff of the Flint River Council will continue to provide support and opportunities to our Scouts and Scouters.

Show us how you "Scout On". Use #FRCScouts to show us what our Scouts, Scouters and Volunteers are up to!

Until we meet around the campfire again, stay healthy and safe!