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NOAC 2018
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National Order of the Arrow Conference 2018

Centennial Celebration of the Order of the Arrow

July 30- Aug. 3- Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

The Lodge estimates the total cost of the trip will be $1000 and is collecting $100 deposits at this time.

Payment Schedule:

March 15: $300

April 15: $300

May 15: $300

Youth and adults will be approved to attend by the NOAC selection committee. If you are not approved, your $100 deposit will be refunded. The Lodge has 13 youth and 4 adult spots availabel for the 2018 contingent.

Adults must have clean driving records and be able and willing to transport youth. 


Every three years, Arrowmen from across the country gather on the campus of a major university for the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). These gatherings draw nearly 8,000 Arrowmen, traveling from as far away as Europe and Asia, for six days of training and fellowship. With each progressing year, NOAC becomes more diversified, more fun, and larger than the previous year.

NOAC has many different aspects and it is impossible to participate in every event in one year. Each year more events are added and changed so you can go to NOAC every time and probably not do anything twice. The main activities at NOAC include ceremonies evaluation, training, Native American events, shows, and Founder's Day. NOAC has something for every one of all backgrounds and all ages. It is definitely one of Scouting's most unique and entertaining training events.


Why go to NOAC?

NOAC is like the National Scout Jamboree for the Order of the Arrow. Arrowmen from all over the country are going to Indiana State University to get together and have a great time on a beautiful college campus. Arrowmen stay in dorms, eat in the cafeterias, and have a blast attending the events throughout the campus. No matter if this is your first NOAC or you are a veteran conference attendee, there will be something new there to do along with many old favorites.

A key part of NOAC is sharing knowledge and learning new ideas. One of the best ways to learn at NOAC is through the formal training sessions that take place. This is a chance for Arrowmen to share new ideas and suggestions of some of the best trainers in the country. They present sessions on various topics that range from being an efficient officer to the meaning of the customs and traditions of the Order of the Arrow. Another way to get important ideas is through demonstrations, workshops and talking to other Arrowmen. Although more informal, this way of learning can be just as fun. Not to forget, attending NOAC is probably the best way to meet the National Officers. These young men make the Order of the Arrow the way it is. They like to be questioned and told new ideas.

American Indian Activities are another of the traditional events that take place at NOAC. They include many training sessions and workshops, as well as chances for lodges with individuals interested in American Indian dancing and singing a chance to perform for a panel of judges. During Founders Day, there is usually a Pow-Wow in which the American Indian Events participants are encouraged to take part. There is a dazzling array of regalia and talent.

Ceremonies have also been a part of NOAC for many years. Lodges can enter teams in Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil evaluations. Judges give recommendations on how the team can become better. The goal of this type of competition is for the participants to become better through the evaluation. The participants have put a lot of time and effort into practicing and it is incredible to watch them. Seeing other teams gives lodges ideas on what they would like their own teams to be like. Those interested in ceremonies can also attend training sessions on all aspects of our ceremonies.

Another set of exciting events is the sports games and competitions. These activities give those lodges that are willing to sweat and have some fun a chance to take home a trophy in basketball, volleyball, or a ton of others events. If you are the type of person who prefers a less physical approach, OA Jeopardy can challenge your mind. Also, patch trading can be very fulfilling. There is a sense of fascination watching some of the patch trading experts in action. All the lodges that attend have patches that are unique and very well designed. Not only is it fun to see all of the different designs from the various lodges, but patch trading is a great fellowship opportunity. Don't pass up an opportunity to take part in the fun.

For the entertainment lover in all of us, the shows are definitely worth attending. This is an opportunity for all the Arrowmen to pack into a theater for a brilliant display of lights flashing, music playing, and Arrowmen having a blast. In case you missed it earlier, you can usually catch a glimpse of the best American Indian Activity participants at the American Indian Show. The Theme show is made spectacular with the use of laser light shows and fireworks. The shows are also where many of the important awards are handed out to those Arrowmen who have shown exceptional service. The closing show is where all of the great times of NOAC are wrapped up.

There are so many more activities at NOAC that you cannot possibly do them all. Besides those mentioned above, there are The Outdoor Adventure Place (TOAP), Special Events, VIPs, Regional Gatherings, Religious Services, Displays and Exhibits, and much more. There's also a Conference Newspaper, Radio Station, Band, Chorus, Trading Post, and still more!

The overall best reason to attend NOAC 2018 is that it will probably be the most fun you will ever have in five straight days! For whatever reason you decide to attend NOAC, we guarantee that it will be one of the best memories you have of the Order of the Arrow.

$1,000.00 per Participant