The Flint River Council Camping Department is already gearing up for Spook-o-Ree 2018!

Click the link below to download your copy of the 2018 Spook-O-Ree Parent Guide.  Please share this guide with all of your families attending so that everyone has the best information concerning our 2018 Spook-o-Ree program.  2018 Spook-o-Ree Parent Guide

The CAMPSITE Registration process will open at 9:00 a.m. on the second Wednesday of August.  (this date will not change each year to help with your Pack planning).  For information concerning the policies and procedures to reserve a CAMPSITE, please click here.  Spook-o-Ree Campsite Reservation info

Event Registration is currently open!  Registration for platform tents will end two Sunday's before the check in date.  If you miss this registration deadline, you may still attend but only for those wishing to use their personal tent.  We must set this deadline to be able to send you more timely information concerning the weekend's events and activities and to give your Pack time to plan as a group.


Here is the 2017 Spook-o-Ree T-shirt!  Purchase yours now using the above links as we only will guarantee shirts for those that are pre-ordered for the event.  $12 for standard sizes.  $14 for extended sizes.













Weekend 1 Registration Spook-o-Ree Weekend#1

Weekend 1 T-shirt Purchases  Spook-o-Ree #1 T-shirt Pre-Order

FREE Cub Scout Leader Training - Weekend 1  Spook-o-Ree Cub Specific Training WKD #1

Spook-o-Ree Weekend #1 - Lunch Saturday!  Spook-o-Ree Weekend #1 Lunch


Weekend 2 Registration Spook-o-Ree Weekend #2

Weekend 2 T-shirt Purchases Spook-o-Ree #2 T-shirt Pre-Order

FREE Cub Scout Leader Training - Weekend 2  Spook-o-Ree Cub Specific Training WKD #2

Spook-o-Ree Weekend #2 - Lunch Saturday!  Spook-o-Ree Weekend #2 Lunch


Back by popular demand - SATURDAY ONLY PRICING!  

Many families are unable to attend Spook-o-Ree for the weekend.  We have added a $15 per person option for a daily pass for family members that are only able to attend Spook-o-Ree on Saturday.  This will help us better utilize our tent space and allow families that could not attend an option.  The regular prices are the same for 2018 - $20 for platform tent camping (per person) and $17 for personal tent camping (per person).  As with our other reservations, those 5 and under may attend at no charge.

If you have questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to let us know.  Please contact the Camping Department at 770-227-4556 or Lawhorn@Scouting.Org for assistance.

See you at Lawhorn!