Attention Summer Camp Employees:

Below are the documents and trainings that are necessary to complete your hiring for Summer Camp for the 2018 summer season which begins Sunday, May 27th and is completed Sunday, July 23rd.  You must complete all of your documents for employment BEFORE arriving for camp on May 27th at 10:00 am.  If you have questions about the forms or need assistance, do not hesitate to call 770-227-4556 or email Andrea.Strawn@Scouting.Org for help.

NO EMPLOYEE WILL BE ALLOWED TO STAY AT CAMP UNLESS ALL FORMS ARE SUBMITTED AND APPROVED BEFORE MAY 27TH. There will be no time for these trainings at camp, no time to complete forms, etc.  We expect you to arrive ready to work. The only paperwork you will do AT Camp once you arrive is an application (Youth or Adult as appropriate) to join Crew 95. 

If you are a returning PAID employee (meaning drew a paycheck for Summer 2017 or Polaris 2017), you are not required to submit new tax forms unless you desire to change your withholding.  You do need to complete an I-9 (Sections 1 and 3) as a rehire.  You do not have to submit your I-9 Proof of Citizenship documents again.  This is for PAID employees only and does not apply unless you have drawn a paycheck from the Flint River Council.

Once you begin to submit forms, it will be up to you to complete the process with Work Bright.  Please understand that all moments of training are crucial and we will not be wasting anyone's valuable time beginning at 2:00 pm on May 27th with paperwork.  It is submitted AND approved (so don't wait until the last minute) or you will not work.  

Apply Here!!!!

2018 Staff Manual - Coming Soon!


Forms to be completed and emailed to Flint River Council Program Specialist:

Signed copy of contract (emailed from Camp Director)

I-9 (Instructions, List of acceptable proof of citizenship)

W-4 (Federal Withholding Form)

G-4 (State Withholding Form)

Back page of Staff Handbook

BSA Physical, Parts A, B & C

Certificate showing current Venturing Youth Protection Training ( - PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT VENTURE TRAINING

Certificate showing current Weather Hazard Training (

Lawroom Sexual Harrassment Completion Certificate (instructions in Staff Manual)

Time off request form (All employees are required to be present for the entire week of Staff Week)

Complete Work Permit for those PAID EMPLOYEES (CITs are Exempt) under the age of 16 (please note that this process is covered in the Staff Manual and requires a complete form that WE must sign for you and then submission to the High School you attend, or the Board of Education for home schooled)