2013 Popcorn Sale
Let the Adventures Begin.....
The popcorn sale is a partnership.  It's how, together, we fund Scouting!  

What's New?

New products like Buffalo Cheddar, Sour Cream & Onion, pre-popped Kettle corn and for the sweet tooth we will have the delicious Dark & White Chocolatey Drizzle.  Tins are making a come back on limited items. Flint River Council will be offering the Chocolate Lover's Collection and the Buffalo Cheddar in a Christmas tin and the Sour Cream & Onion flavor in a Scouting tin.  The prize company is also new this year.  Prizes will be ordered from Keller Marketing with a link in the Trail's End system

Prizes and Incentives for Scouts
Commission: The Flint River Council offers 37% commission, one of the highest in the Scout East!  
$300 Club:  We are giving away FIVE iPad minis starting on Monday, September 30th.  Any Scout that sells $300 worth of popcorn or more, is eligible to enter the drawings.  The sooner a Scout joins the $300 Club, the more chances they have to win!  Click here to register for the drawings.  ($300 Club registration will be open on August 7th)  A Scout only needs to register one time to be in all subsequent drawings.
$600 Club: 
A$600 Club Prize is a bonus $20 Wal-Mart gift card.  This is in addition to prizes earned at lower levels.
$1,500 Club:  All Scouts that sell $1,500 worth of popcorn or more will qualify for a $50 Wal-Mart gift card.  this is in addition to prizes earned at lower levels.

NOTE:  Leaders will be sent a link to register Scouts who qualify for the $600 Club and the $1,500 Club.  With the exception of the prizes listed above, prizes are not cumulative.
Prize Levels: 
All Scouts that sell at least one item will receive a prize of either a patch or a pin.  The next level begins at only $60!  Starting at the $175 level Scouts can even select a "Grab Bag" that is valued at least 50% greater than the category shown on the prize page of the youth guide.

Who do you contact for questions about the popcorn sale?
Below is our 2013 Popcorn Team that should be able to get you the answer to any of your questions.

 District   Position   Name   Email 
 Coweta  Popcorn Chair    
 Coweta  District Executive  Mike Warren  mike.warren@scouting.org
 Fayette  Popcorn Chair  Kimberly Castaneda   k297@bellsouth.net
 Fayette  Popcorn Chair  Neal Peeples  neal.peeples@gmail.com
 Fayette  District Executive  Danny McCranie  danny.mccranie@scouting.org
 Ronotohachi   Popcorn Chair  Joanne Raynie  pack17.raynie@gmail.com
 Ronotohachi  Popcorn Chair      Leslie Taylor  leslie_taylor@scouting.org
 Ronotohachi  District Executive  Jonathan Swatts  jonathan.swatts@scouting.org
 Tussahaw  Popcorn Chair  Myra Poole  rampoole@charter.net
 Tussahaw  Popcorn Chair  Stephanie Hart  Hartforscouting@gmail.com
 Tussahaw  District Executive  Jason Setser  jason.setser@scouting.org

 Popcorn Support
(Council Popcorn Princess)
 Rachel Cole


Popcorn Links:
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Show & Deliver Product Transfer Form
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Square Information (How to get and use Credit/Debit Card Readers)
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Online sales information for Scouts
Online sales information for Leaders

 2013 iPad mini Winners
Week 1 - 

Meet Ethan B. from Pack 57 of the Coweta District.  Ethan is our first iPad mini winner.  Ethan has sold almost $600 worth of popcorn.  Ethan said he sold popcorn to friends of his family and his grandparents.  Congratulations Ethan!

Week 2 - 
Meet Jordan L from Pack 134 of the Ronotohachi District.  Jordan has sold over $2,700 worth of popcorn making him eligible for the Trail's End Scholarship Club.  Jordan said he was able to sell so much popcorn with the help of his parents and by selling to teachers at school and at the gas station at WalMart.  Congratulations Jordan!

Week 3 - 

Meet Joshua S. from Pack 373 of the Fayette District.  Joshua said he sold popcorn to relatives and people in his neighborhood to earn his way into the $300 Club.  Great job, Joshua!  Congratulations!

Week 4 - 

Congratulations to Zachary D. of Pack 264 from the Tussahaw District.  Zachary is our fourth winner for the 2013 Popcorn Sale.  Zachary said he sold popcorn to his teachers at school and to friends of the family.  Zachary said he also kept a running total on the refrigerator to keep up with how much he sold. Good job, Zachary!  Congratulations!

Week 5 -

Congratulations to Christian H. of Pack 264 from the Tussahaw District.  Christian our fifth and final winner for the 2013 Popcorn Sale.  Christian  said he sold popcorn to his family members, at church and went door-to-door in his neighborhood. Good job, Christian!  Congratulations!