Capital Campaign

About The Campaign
In February of 2011, the old dining hall at the Flint River Adventure Area (FRAA) burned down.  The dining hall had served as the home of youth and adult leader training for the past 25 years.  It was also used for every event at the Flint River Adventure Area.  See before and after pictures below.

Out of the ashes comes hope.

The fire prompted much discussion about the needs of Scouting, the state of our current facilities and the greater needs of the community.  White board sessions and fireside chats were held with Scouts, volunteers and camp staff to review our long range plan, the facilities and current programs.  These sessions helped determine what changes would make the most significant impact to our programs and the community.

From the discussions, a list of needs were tallied and ranked.  Then, they were cross referenced with our strategic long range plan.  The top priorities include:
    *  A multipurpose building at the FRAA

    *  Regional shower and rest room facilities (5)
    *  Staff sleep quarters at Camp Thunder (4)
    *  Relocation of the maintenance compound
    *  Improvement of outdoor spaces and teaching areas
    *  Endowment funds for the cost of camp maintenance

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2020 Vision
Construction Update-April 2013
Construction Update-August 2013