Coweta District

 District Chair

 George Alexander


 Second Tuesday-each month, 
7:00 PM

 Commissioner Meetings
 Fourth Wednesday-each month
 6:30 PM:

 District Committee
 First Tuesday-each month
 6:30 PM

 All meetings are held at:
 Cornerstone UMC
 2956 Sharpsburg McCullum Rd.

 Pack Information
 Troop Information
 Crew & Post Information
 (Includes meeting times & locations)

 Do you have questions,
 comments, suggestions
 or announcements that
 you want to share within the district? 

 District Commissioner

 Mike Bates


 District Executive

 Mike Warren

 Activities Chair

 Verna Funk


 Advancement Chair

 Jim McCarthy





 Camping Chair

 Joshua Darymple


 Communications and
 Publicity Coordinator

 Verna Funk


 Eagle Board of Review Chair

 Bob Dean


 Finance Chair

 Carson Sears


 FOS Chair



 FOS Family Chair



 Membership Chair



 OA Chapter Advisor

 Alan Sibley


 Program Chair

  Orin Reams


 Roundtable Commissioner
 Boy Scouts

 Eric Stout


 Roundtable Commissioner
 Cub Scouts

 David McLaughlin


 Training Chair

 Tom Dunham