Internet Rechartering


Flint River Council


2014 Charter Renewal Instructions


The recharter procedure gives unit leaders the ultimate responsibility to determine continued membership in Scouting. Internet Recharter IS NOT paperless. The 2014 Recharter plan calls for a unit to charge a flat registration fee of $38.00.

Essentials of the plan:

  • It is the plan of the Flint River Council to provide every unit/registrant in the council with accident insurance along with liability insurance we currently provide; we feel this extra coverage is essential and is worth the $1.00 per registrant for peace of mind.

  • The plan also calls for every unit to be a 100% Boys’ Life unit. Boys’ Life is essential to the intellectual growth and retention of all our Scouts.

Through this recharter the Flint River Council wishes to affect the following:


Used as a primary means of communication through the e-newsletter and bulletins, it is important that we harvest as many valid email addresses as possible and add them to ScoutNET.

Boys’ Life

ALL UNITS IN THE FRC WILL BE 100% BOYS’ LIFE UNITS. Scouts that receive Boys’ Life magazine stay in Scouting 2.5 years longer than those who don’t. Boys’ Life is an easy sell to parents and your Scouts are worth it! The cost of the magazine is included in the flat registration fee. Families with 2 or more scouts will only be asked to purchase one subscription.

Youth Protection

All adult leaders MUST show proof of Youth Protection training that is current (YP must be renewed every 2 years – National Policy) by attaching a copy of their current training card or certificate to the recharter paperwork.

Unit Accident Insurance

It is the plan of the FRC to purchase a Unit Accident Insurance Plan for ALL units in the council. A portion of the premium for this policy is included in the flat registration fee.

Registration Fee

$38.00 per youth as well as any adult wishing to purchase Boys’ Life Magazine and $25.00 for any other adult leaders.

Breakdown of fees:

  • $24.00 – National Membership Registration Fees
  • 12.84 – Boys’ Life Magazine
  • $1.00 – Accident Insurance

**There is a small overage in the fee charged. Once the accident policy is paid for your unit, the overage will be deposited into your unit’s account to be used for awards, guidebooks, handbooks, etc. The FRC will inform you of your account balance once this deposit is made.